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Join Cape Conservation Corps for an evening with Nancy Lawson
Friday, February 9th at 7:00pm: CSC Clubhouse
Light refreshments provided – BYOB!!

Hear Nancy Lawson tell us how you can learn to garden more humanely through the use of native
plants, avoiding unintentional dangers to wildlife, creative ways to eliminate invasives, preserving
nesting sites and resolving conflicts with nature. Here are some of the questions she plans to

Why do we call some insects “beneficial” while others are “pests”?
Why are some plants considered “desirable” while others are “weeds”?

In this myth-busting talk, learn how common growing methods divide the natural world into
false dichotomies and perpetuate misperceptions about the wild species living among us. Discover
practical ways to put humane gardening philosophies into action by protecting wild nurseries
of animals large and small, eliminating unintended hazards to wildlife, nurturing plants that
provide food and shelter, and humanely resolving conflicts with mammals and other commonly
misunderstood creatures.

You can also check out her book The Humane Gardener. The book illustrates simple principles
for both attracting wildlife and peacefully resolving conflicts with all the creatures who share our
world through anecdotes, practical advice and profiles of home gardeners using humane gardening