Lauren’s Garden Service Native Plant Nursery is having a sale this Saturday Sept 21st from 10am-3pm.  We have added in lots of new fall perennials and shrubs in stock like Limetta hydrangea, asters, goldenrod, turtlehead, maidenhair fern and much more!

Silver Gem Violets

Dwarf gayfeather

Great blue lobelia

Moonbeam tickseed

The LGS Native Plant Nursery is open Mon-Thurs 9am-5pm and the Sats 10-3pm until the end of October.

We will be selling native perennials, trees, and shrubs as well as a small stock of some of our favorite deer resistant shrubs. We also carry garden accents, trellises, and containers.

Pots, bird baths and hanging baskets available at the nursery!

Current Inventory

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