Healthy Trees, Healthy People

Pennsylvania’s Biennial Urban Forestry Program

Wednesday, May 23rd to Thursday, May 24th

12:00 PM to 4:15 PM

Frick Environmental Center, 2005 Beechwood Blvd, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15217

Healthy Trees, Healthy People is a two-day program featuring presentations on the link between human health and community forest health, as well as information essential to the care of community trees. It is a great opportunity to share ideas with shade tree commissioners, foresters, arborists, and others.

The first day will be held outside exploring examples of the role of community forests in contributing to healthy communities. During this afternoon field trip, you will see an urban tree nursery’s efforts to develop healthy and genetically diverse trees, the impacts of oak wilt on tree canopy in a city park, and how active neighborhood volunteers organized to care for their street trees. The field trip will wrap up with a visit to a furniture workshop to see how reclaimed urban wood is being transformed into fine furniture. The second day will feature a variety of presentations on tree health, its impacts on communities, and ways to plan and manage the community forest to ensure success.

For more information, including the full conference agenda, and to register online:

Register by May 13th.

The conference is presented by Penn State Extension, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, and TreeVitalize.