All of us have the power to support habitat for wildlife and bring natural beauty to our patch of the earth. This April, discover how, and why, native plants are critical to the survival and vitality of local ecosystems.

Hometown Habitat features renowned entomologist Dr. Douglas Tallamy, whose research, books and lectures on the use of non-native plants in landscaping, sound the alarm about habitat and species loss. Tallamy provides the narrative thread that challenges the notion that humans are here and nature is someplace else. “It doesn’t have to, and shouldn’t be that way.” Inspiring stories of community commitment to conservation landscaping illustrate Tallamy’s vision by showing how humans and nature can co-exist with mutual benefits.

Award winning director, Catherine Zimmerman, and film crew traveled across the country to visit “Hometown Habitat” heroes, who are reversing detrimental impacts on the land and in the water of major U.S. watersheds, one garden at a time. They wound their way through the watersheds of Florida, the prairies of the Mississippi River Basin, the streams and rivers of the Rocky Mountains, the Chesapeake Bay, the Great Lakes and Columbia River to share success stories and works-in-progress that celebrate conservation landscaping that re-awakens and redefines our relationship with Nature.

Movie screenings begin promptly at 7 PM, and doors will close shortly thereafter. This is a free event, and discussion afterwards is greatly encouraged. The film is presented as part of our monthly Environmental Film Series, in collaboration with the Havre de Grace Green Team, and made possible by a grant from the Joseph Robert Foundation.