Learn and practice drawing techniques to capture the information required for a true ‘botanical’ illustration of mushrooms at Fox Haven Farm.

Mushrooms are mysterious and fascinating. Join us for this class where we will learn all about the anatomy of mushrooms and what information is needed to make a correct identification. From there we will learn and practice drawing techniques to capture the information required for a true ‘botanical’ illustration. Please feel free to bring any mushroom specimens you find (there will also be some provided for you), and your art medium and paper of choice. The instructor will also have her box of goodies if you would like to explore different mediums.

Register here: http://foxhavenfarm.org/events/botanical-illustration-of-mushrooms-with-sam-feld-all-ages/

Samantha Feld is the owner/operator of a small mushroom growing and foraging business in Baltimore called The Mushroomworks.

Her fascination with mycology began when her backyard sprouted a gorgeous garden of crazy and colorful mushrooms from the decaying roots of an old maple tree. Upon learning that they were a cousin of the powerfully medicinal Reishi, she immersed herself, and began researching as much as she could about the intense, complicated, and often misunderstood world of mycology. This led her back to the woods, reawakening a long dormant, but deep love of the forest.

Sam is an avid forager and gardener, and is becoming increasingly interested in the medicinal properties of mushrooms and plants. She has taught mushroom focused foraging, cultivation, dyeing, and illustration classes in the Mid-Atlantic area.

When not out in nature, she can be found in the woods, puttering around her row house homestead, or teaching art in Baltimore City Schools.

10:00-noon.     $25