We hope you’ll join us! Come meet some local experts at the Natural History Society of Maryland for a fun afternoon learning about the most fascinating and informative part of the body, the skull! Skulls give clues on an animal’s dietary habits (food chains), predator/prey relationships, anatomy, biology, ecology, habitats, adaptation/evolution and behavior. Find out how to read these clues as you examine a large variety of skulls and teeth.

If you have a collection, please bring it! Learn more about it from our experts, and share your discovery with others.

Featured Presentation with Steve Sheffield at 1:15

Steve Sheffield is the NHSM Curator of Mammals.  He is a professor of Biology at Bowie State University, Bowie, MD.  He holds degrees from SUNY-Oswego (Zoology), University of Maryland (Wildlife ecology), and Oklahoma State (Zoology).


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