This memorable dining experience is designed to support and celebrate biodiversity education and land conservation efforts at Fox Haven Farm & Learning Center.

Together we can increase the impact of land conservation and biodiversity in Frederick County.    September 28th, 5-6:00 garden cocktail hour w/Tenth Ward and 6:00-8:00 p.m. Dinner.

Enjoy a six-course culinary experience prepared by gifted local chef, David Matern of Nada. Each dish is packed with fresh ingredients and divine flavors that highlight local farms including Fox Haven and Full Cellar Farm.

Please note: Some of the dishes will be served family-style, the main course will be served on large plates for each table to serve themselves. Portions will be sizable enough to share.  For dietary restrictions and accommodation requests, please email

The Menu:

First Course: Plated Beet Gazpacho with Horsey Goat Cheese, Almonds, and Cherries
Second Course: Kohlrabi Kraut with Dill Spaetzle, Poached Egg, and Pickle Powder
Third Course: Family-style Patatas Bravas with Huacatay Mayonnaise or Pesto with Tomato Rubbed Grilled Bread with Whipped Ricotta and Tomato Salad
Fourth Course: Plated Squash, Hot Peppers, and Honey
Fifth Course: Family-style Chard, Apples, Kale + Protein (Mushrooms or Pork)
Sixth Course: Plated Corn Polenta with Plum Jam

 Email JoAnn at with “conservation” promo for special pricing.