Head and shoulders picture of young woman with mountains and autumn colors behind her

Kim Komatsu (Credit: Karin Burghardt)

What does it mean, to create a “working landscape”? In our July 21 webinar, Kim Komatsu, a scientist with the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, will highlight new research that’s helping preserve the critical services our landscapes give us. She’ll focus on two projects in the Chesapeake Bay region: how soil bacteria can help soybeans—the second most farmed crop in the U.S.—and how land use is changing diversity in our forests. Join us for an evening of conservation optimism, focused on science to protect our working landscapes for future generations.

Register online to watch the live Zoom webinar on July 21, 7pm Eastern. Can’t watch live? Register anyway, and we’ll email you a link shortly after the talk so you can view it on demand.

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Preview: In this 2-minute Nature Brain Video, Kim Komatsu explains how bacteria can help farmers.