Join Martin Schmidt for a broad look at the billion-year geologic history of Maryland and the resulting geology & landforms we see today across the state, especially in the Baltimore region.  He will demonstrate a website where you can investigate the geology around the state, and we can discuss questions you might have.  Note the online situation is not a good one for rock or fossil identification, but we can discuss what you might normally find in your neighborhood or other places in Maryland.
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Martin Schmidt has been teaching grades 9-12 at McDonogh School since 1978, including physics, chemistry, and geosciences over the years. He is author of the book, Maryland’s Geology, published by Schiffer Publishers, which is designed to give a basic geologic background and then apply it to the state, for students, teachers, and laymen. But besides looking down at the rocks, he’s just as watchful looking up at the weather and the stars, as he finds all of Earth science absorbing!