Join Save Our Streams for another Clean Water Webinar!

The Save Our Streams program trains and coordinates volunteer water quality monitors all over the country. Monitoring can be done alone or with a small team, but there is power in numbers! Locally-led, community-based volunteer monitoring groups can effectively engage more neighbors, friends, co-workers, and community partners to monitor more sites on a consistent basis, and the data produced can in turn be utilized by local stakeholders to make a difference on locally-relevant water quality issues. However, it can sometimes be challenging or intimidating to get these movements started and keep them sustained.

Join us to hear stories and experiences from some leaders who have effectively recruited, mobilized, and coordinated volunteer monitors within their watersheds. Expect to hear about challenges they faced, what they’ve learned along the way, and some tips they can pass on. Hopefully you leave inspired to create and lead your own local monitoring movement or join up with one already in progress!

Register online here: