In this, the first session of Watershed Action Alliance’s conference on Environmental Justice (EJ), speakers will address the basics of environmental justice (EJ) using examples from Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. While examples are from the region, the topics are relevant throughout the U.S. The three expert panelists will cover:

1) Definitions of environmental justice (EJ), what criteria are used to define EJ communities, what the general EJ issues are that pertain to water and healthy watersheds

2) Examples of EJ challenges across the region

3) The inclusion of Black and indigenous people in stakeholder discussions on clean energy with an example from Block Island. How energy choices in Massachusetts affect indigenous people in Canada. A description of how chronic structural inequity damages the environment and health.

Following the presentations, there will be a 25-minute discussion and question and answer session. Attendees will receive a Zoom link prior to the event. REGISTER HERE.

This event is free; however, donations will help us continue to provide educational programming and are greatly appreciated. You can add a donation when you register.

Don’t miss our second session, Supporting Public Access to Recreational Waters, on March 24, and the third and final session, Promoting Environmental Justice: the First Steps, on March 31. Register now!

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