Are you an educator that inspires your students to lead? Are you interested in bringing hands-on STEM learning to your students through mission-based water quality activities? Save Our Streams (SOS) Clubs may be the perfect program for you and your students! This program is a project of the TIA Alliance, a conservation partnership between non-profits Trout Unlimited, the Izaak Walton League of America, and American Fisheries Society. 

An SOS Club provides students with resources to start their own stream monitoring and restoration project. With initial help from faculty, students learn about water quality issues and stream ecology through experiences in the field and gain exposure to environmental science professionals. Started by a school that participates in Trout in the Classroom, it’s the perfect “next step” for those teachers and students that want to learn and do more.

We are offering a short course for student leaders or educators on how to start an SOS Club (see flyer). You’ll learn about water quality issues, ideas for a community project, and become certified in stream health monitoring techniques! To find out more and apply for the training, visit