May 1, 2020: Accepting Teacher Applications for MWEE Academy (Easton, MD)

Date: May 1, 2020

Location: 114 S Washington Street Easton MD 21601

MWEE Academy.png


APPLY BY MAY 1, 2020

ShoreRivers is excited to announce a new environmental education opportunity for teachers in Eastern Shore schools. The Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience Academy (MWEE Academy) is a yearlong program that supports teachers integrating Chesapeake-focused environmental issue investigations into their curriculum using the MWEE framework.


Public and private school teachers, grades 3 – 12, are welcome to apply. All disciplines and subjects are welcome to apply understanding that you will be incorporating an environmental investigation into your curriculum. For example, a Government Studies course could investigate how the local town utilizes the Clean Water Act when creating policies for town development. An English class could investigate how Rachel Carson’s essays influenced modern day environmentalism.

Please do not apply if you are currently completing a MWEE in your class and grade level.

CLICK HERE for full information and application.