Shorebirds can be some of the most frustrating birds to try to identify, and many a birder has thrown up their hands as they try to distinguish distant, backlit “peeps.” Why go to the trouble of sifting through hundreds or even thousands of seemingly identical small mud-crawlers? Well, as with any group of similar species, when you take the time to learn their differences, the reward makes all of the effort worth it! In this 1-hour online program, we’ll familiarize ourselves with common shorebird silhouettes and field marks, and discuss some of the identification challenges that one might regularly encounter in a given year along the Atlantic Flyway. Audubon’s Pickering Creek Center in Easton, MD is one of the best shorebird locations in the region, and we will use the shorebirds of their restored wetlands as a case study.

Nico Sarbanes has been seriously birding since he was 10 years old, and in the time since has earned a reputation as one of Maryland’s sharpest birders. Shorebirds were the first birds to capture Nico’s imagination, and as an educator working for Audubon, he has sought to spark a love of birds in his students by introducing them to the astounding diversity of the avian world.
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