Forever Maryland Foundation is excited to present Scott McGill’s, webinar Restoring Ecological Function and Diversity to our Preserved Lands
Anyone passionate about ecology and the environment can embrace land preservation as a useful tool and beneficial end-goal. However, many properties are preserved and protected from further development, in perpetuity, in a manner that is not always ecologically functional or diverse. This webinar will explore ways to integrate ecological diversity and function with traditional preservation efforts as well as continued agriculture, as well as the following topics:
– Conservation easements are the first step
– Vibrant agriculture and ecological function are not mutually exclusive
– Easement language is important
– Beaver, Coyote, Deer – don’t believe everything you think

Scott is the co-founder and Principal of Ecotone, Inc. and oversees/manages the design, mitigation and construction divisions. He is a recognized expert with over 23 years of experience in the design of stream, wetland, and watershed restoration solutions.

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