This month NHSM Fossil Club will have a second meeting (Oct. 24th) welcoming Dr. Thomas Holtz as our guest speaker!


Dr. Holtz is extensively published, specializing in tyrannosaurids and other theropod dinosaurs. He recently visited the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology and will have some interesting news to share with our club! This will be a fun and informative talk.


Club members don’t forget to bring fossils for the raffle! Also please bring in any fossils you would like to display or to talk about.


Lecture is free to FOSSIL CLUB MEMBERS.


If you are not yet a member of NHSM or NHSM’s Fossil Club, you can join at our meeting! (NHSM membership is $25 for individuals, $35 for families, Fossil Club membership is an additional $5 for individuals and $10 for families.)


Note: “Member” refers to being a member of the Natural History Society of Maryland NOT a member of the Natural History Society’s Meetup page. We hope you consider becoming a member of NHSM, please follow this link to join:


The Natural History Society of Maryland is a volunteer-led non-profit organization, so the fee you pay will go directly to support the programs, the nature collections, and the building that make this kind of nature education possible.


Thank you for your support!