Quartz has always been a part of the human experience. Humans have used quartz for early tools, weapons and decorative objects. In modern times, quartz is the basis for electronics such as cell phones and computers. Do you know that quartz played a role in WWI and WWII? Quartz helps us to play music through our radios and musical instruments. It can also be used directly to make music. Humans make use of quartz’s crystal structure, fracture and piezoelectric energy.

During this presentation, Tom Piscitelli will give examples and discuss both crystalline and non-crystalline forms of quartz. The creation of natural quartz glass by impact, volcanoes and lightning will be explored including tektites from the little known Chesapeake Bay Impact crater. Quartz crystals and geodes from world famous locations will be displayed—as will many varieties of quartz minerals and crystal forms.

You don’t want to miss this unique and interactive talk! Kids are welcome and encouraged to join!

Cost: $10 per person (and kids 16 and under are FREE)

Register and pay online to attend at http://marylandnature.org/events/ (scroll down to find event).

Who’s Tom?

Tom Piscitelli is an avid rock, mineral, and fossil collectors. As a member of fossil and mineral clubs in Maryland and Delaware, he has collected on club field trips and has traveled across the United States collecting at famous sites. He has presented for the Natural History Society of Maryland, to 4th and 5th graders in Baltimore and Harford Counties, and at Senior Centers in Baltimore County.


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