Photo Credit: Josh Larios



Soil is the uppermost layer of the Earth’s crust in which land plants grow. Come get your hands dirty as we dive into soil activities!  We will determine soil texture, assess soil structure, and measure pH. Feel free to bring a soil sample from your yard to test. As always, Nature Connections is a free program for naturalists of all ages.

Special Presentation: 1:15/ Trish Steinhilber will present Foundations of Life on Earth.

Deepen your appreciation of 2 foundations of life on Earth – photosynthesis and soil.  Photosynthesis of plants harnesses the energy of the Sun to provide food for most creatures on Earth, including humans.  We’ll briefly talk about how photosynthesis works and important soil features.


About Our Guest Presenter: Trish Steinhilber is a soil fertility and nutrient management specialist and has recently retired from the Department of Environmental Science and Technology at the University of Maryland College Park where she coordinated the Agricultural Nutrient Management Program in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources for the past 25 years.  


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