NHSM Nature Connections: National Fossil Day

Hi Chesapeake Network!

Join us to learn all about fossils in celebration of National Fossil Day 2017 on Sunday October 15. This is a FREE program going on from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. Feel free to stay the entire time or just stop in for a few minutes. Some local fossil collectors and experts will be in showing off their amazing fossil collections. Learn about how fossils are created and found and you might even be able to take some fossils home with you. And come and be the first ones to check out the Natural History Society’s newly acquired megaladaon shark jaws!

Note: This program is a continuation of our celebration of National Fossil Day that will follow our fossil lecture night with Dr. Stephen Godfrey from the Calvert Marine Museum on Wednesday October 15 which you can register for at http://marylandnature.org/events/.

PARKING INFORMATION: Our parking lot has been renovated with a stormwater management system, with native landscaping. It’s beautiful!, but we have fewer parking spots. Click here for information, directions, and maps to alternative over-flow parking. Once parked, come to the double glass doors at the top of the ramp and stairs.

Thank you so much and hope to see you all there!

Jillie at NHSM

Jillie Drutz**Natural History Society of Maryland**jadrutz@gmail.com






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