“Tails” of Hello and Good-bye: Extirpated and Introduced Mammals of Maryland

Populations of plants and animals in any given environment are always in flux. Change is the only constant. Maryland used to be home to animals that have gone extinct such as the saber-toothed tiger or have been extirpated meaning a local extinction like the gray wolf or elk. While some animals leave, others arrive either through natural or manmade actions (nutria, black-tailed jackrabbit).

Join Steve Sheffield, professor of biology at Bowie State and curator of mammals for NHSM, to explore Maryland’s mammal record of past, present, and perhaps future in this informative and interactive online presentation.

The suggested donation is $5. NHSM understands that the pandemic has adversely impacted many. It shouldn’t impact access to education. Therefore, a free option is also available.

Zoom meeting info is included in the email you get once you are registered.

To register for this event, follow this link: https://www.marylandnature.org/get-involved/events/event/tails-of-hello-and-good-bye-extirpated-and-introduced-mammals-of-maryland/

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