Part of Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum’s
Fall Speaker Series: Climate Change in the Chesapeake
water floods a coastal area up to and around an abandoned home

About this session: In America, COVID-19 is disproportionately impacting people of color with higher morbidity and mortality rates, but this is not the only pandemic impacting these populations. The nation’s most polluted and high poverty areas are often highly racially segregated, contributing to another pandemic: the differential impacts of climate change. Dr. Sacoby Wilson, University of Maryland Associate Professor of Applied Environmental Health, will highlight some of the challenges presented during this syndemic, explore how climate change will worsen the health outcomes for frontline and fenceline communities, and discuss how community engagement can improve the lives of people of color and other differentially impacted groups.

About the series: With climate change a global reality, the Chesapeake is one of the most vulnerable areas to warming temperatures, rising sea levels, and increased storm intensities. This series explores the connection between science and culture, looking at how communities are adapting to build climate resilience.

Date/Time: Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2pm 
 $7.50 per session, with a 20% discount for CBMM members

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