Travel to Costa Rica with the Friends of Jug Bay this March 2020 – Info Session Tues Nov 19, 6-8pm

Travel to Palo Verde National Park in Guanacaste Costa Rica with the Friends of Jug Bay from March 1 through March 6, 2020, and spend a week immersed in astounding biodiversity. This all-inclusive* journey includes guided naturalist hikes, aquatic tractor rides surrounded by Jabirus, boat tours through the croc-filled Rio Tempisque, science lectures offered by expert park researchers, visits to 100+ foot waterfalls and more!

Proceeds from this trip will cover most if not all of the costs associated with bringing staff from Palo Verde National Park to Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary in fall 2020, part of an international learning exchange between the two wetland parks. 

Price: $1550 per person (10–12 participants)*, $1350 per person (13–15 participants)*

*Airfare not included. Pay by check and receive an additional $50 discount.

Visit the Costa Rica trip website for more detailed information or to reserve your spot on the trip.

Join our Costa Rica Info Session Tuesday Nov 19 from 6pm to 8pm to learn all about the trip from our volunteer trip leaders and ask any questions you may have!

RSVP for the info session here!