Celebrate 5 years of learning about the Patuxent River by  joining us for a special FREE webinar series. 

Every Thursday, beginning October 29 – November 19, from Noon to 1:00 p.m.  we will be revisiting and discussing four topics which have been covered at prior  Patuxent River Conferences. Please register for each webinar separately to receive  details on how to join them. 

We will reflect on the final topic in the series: 

November 19 – Outreach and Advocacy for River Health: Spend an hour with the Patuxent and Anacostia Riverkeepers to learn how they engage communities in caring for their local waterways and advocate for improving the health of their rivers.


For registration, visit http://www.paxcon.org


The Patuxent River Conference (PAXCON) is the premier forum uniting scientists, environmental educators, natural  resource managers, and anyone passionate about the health and future of the Patuxent River. To know and understand  the Patuxent River is to take one more step towards its protection. Many thanks to our donors and sponsors for making  this virtual event possible! We look forward to returning to an in-person PAXCON event when it’s safe to do so.