Ferns are among the oldest plants on Earth, and first appeared in the fossil record over 360 million years ago, more than two and half times earlier than flowering plants. With over 10,500 species worldwide, ferns are a significant component of our ecosystems. Yet, to many of us, including plant lovers, these ancient, non-flowering vascular species remain a mystery. Join us to enter the fascinating world of ferns. Judy Fulton will highlight ferns’ natural history, ecological importance and characteristics, as well as identify common species in Maryland based on appearance and the various environments in which they grow.

Judy Fulton, founder of EcoPlant Consulting, is a native plant, invasive plant and ecology consultant. As chair of the Committee on Invasives Lists for the Maryland Invasive Species Council (MISC), she is implementing the Mid-Atlantic Invaders Tool and has coordinated a major update of MISC’s invasive species lists of plants, insects, other animals and pathogens. She consults and teaches workshops for both individuals and organizations such as the University of Maryland Extension, the Natural History Society of Maryland and the Irvine Nature Center. Her specialties include selection of appropriate native plants for specific ecoregions and growing conditions, and also control of invasive plants. She provides recommendations on transforming degraded properties from landscapes dominated by invasives to healthier ecosystems with native plants. Judy serves on the Board of the Mid-Atlantic Invasive Plant Council. In a previous life, she earned a Harvard MBA and spent over twenty-five years in the business world, including as CEO of a start-up medical device company. The Daily Record selected Judy as one of Maryland’s Top 100 Women in 1998, 2001 and 2004, and inducted her into its Circle of Excellence.

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