Part of Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum’s
Fall Speaker Series: Climate Change in the Chesapeake
water floods a coastal area up to and around an abandoned home

About this session: The Deal Island Peninsula is deeply rooted by local watermen heritage, which has for generations helped local families navigate living and working in a dynamic coastal environment. This heritage also helps frame local understandings about climate change vulnerabilities and resilience. In this session, Liz Van Dolah, Coordinator of the Deal Island Peninsula Partnership, will share insights on how watermen draw upon their heritage in discussions about climate change, and how local heritage understandings can be harnessed to help facilitate adaptation planning that supports local resilience needs and goals.

About the series: With climate change a global reality, the Chesapeake is one of the most vulnerable areas to warming temperatures, rising sea levels, and increased storm intensities. This series explores the connection between science and culture, looking at how communities are adapting to build climate resilience.

Date/Time: Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2-3pm     
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