Green Frog in Huntley Meadows by Ana

Ana Ka’ahanui & Stella Tarnay, Co-founders of Capital Nature, bring the wonders of Community science to your fingertips! Community science, also known as citizen science, is a great way to connect to nature and help scientists collect data for research and conservation. Area residents are also employing community science to advocate for environmental justice and health in their communities. Join Capital Nature and explore how you can get involved with projects locally or globally to learn about a favorite species or natural phenomenon, contribute to scientific knowledge, and/or protect the wellbeing of your community.

Carrie using iNaturalist app with snail, photo taken by Ana

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Recordings will be sent to registrants who cannot attend live. This event is hosted by the Audubon Naturalist Society as part of the Naturalist Hour series.

Dragonfly By Ana

Dragonfly by Ana

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