Zombies are real. This Halloween, join entomologist Michael Raupp to explore how tiny microbes, fungi, parasitic worms, and viruses exert mind control over their hapless insect hosts. By altering and exploiting normal behaviors of their hosts, these clever organisms increase their own chances of survival.

Mike Raupp is a professor of entomology and an extension specialist. He has earned the nickname “The Bug Guy” from students and fans of his blog, BugoftheWeek.com, where he reports on all things bug and insect related. He frequently appears as an expert on Good Morning America, NPR and other news outlets. He has also appeared on BBC, CNN, National Geographic’s Explorer, The Dr. Oz Show, Tyra Banks and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Raupp’s research focuses on clarifying the mechanisms by which plants escape attack from herbivorous insects – with the goal of helping to create sustainable landscape systems with minimal dependence on synthetic pesticide.

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