Making the Case for Equitable Water Infrastructure Investment, Repair and Upgrades: New Tools to Help You Get Water Infrastructure Repaired in Your Community and Build Your Local Economy, Create Jobs, and Address Injustice

Do you want updated drinking water and wastewater treatment plants and pipes, more rain gardens to reduce stormwater pollution and flooding, and opportunities to restore local rivers and floodplains? Do you want these infrastructure investments to create more job opportunities for the people who live in your community, to help build your local economy, and address historic injustice and lack of investment? If the answer is yes, please join this upcoming webinar to learn about great new resources available to help you win support for more infrastructure investment and jobs in your community.

On this webinar we will hear from:

Join us to learn about these new tools and engage in discussion with peers about how we can use them to advocate at the federal, state, and local levels to get our infrastructure repaired while building our local economies, creating jobs, and addressing injustice.