Maryland Stream Restoration Association Presents our Spring 2019 Technical Presentation – Meet the Vendors – an Evening with Stream Restoration Material Suppliers.

As stream restoration techniques continue to evolve, we are constantly challenged with sourcing acceptable materials to achieve project goals.  Often, materials we are specifying for projects were originally intended for a different industry and we find them to be overly expensive, in small supply, or completely unavailable.   In effort to bridge the communication gap between designers and suppliers, MSRA has invited local representatives from the Stone, Specialty Soils, and Erosion Control markets to discuss their products in detail.  Expect to learn about each supplier’s harvest/manufacturing process,  annual yield by material type, and other products each produces that may be of value to the stream restoration industry.  We’ll end with a group discussion about the future of material procurement in the Mid-Atlantic region, and how we can work together to achieve our individual project goals.

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