Riparian Forest Buffer Outreach Webinar

Welcome to BEES (The Buffer Environmental Education Webinar Series), a joint effort of the Farm Service Agency, the US Forest Service, the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, and you. This invitation is for the first webinar “How to fund, start and operate a Farm Stewardship Program to work with farmers on conservation planning and riparian forest buffers” by Stephanie Eisenbise of the Stroud Water Research Center.

Convincing farmers to implement forest buffers can often be a challenging task. The Stroud Water Research Center has shown that bringing extra incentives and technical assistance to the table has been successful in achieving whole farm conservation including buffers. The Center’s Farm Stewardship Program offers farmers $4,000 in “conservation vouchers” for every acre of forested riparian buffer to go to achieving whole farm conservation. Farmers use the “vouchers” (a $20,000 cap per farm) independently or in combination with cost-share programs, such as USDA NRCS Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP), USDA NRCS Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP), the USDA Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP), or other state or private funding sources. Join the Center’s Stephanie Eisenbise to learn how this approach may work for you.

To participate, go to the link:; Call-in: 888-844-9904 (6802405#)
Webinar is one hour long.

The next webinar will be November 18 @ 2 pm.  We will hear from Bobby Whitescarver on “Seven Principles: Selling Riparian Forest Buffers.”

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