When we are paddling we only see the tippy top of the water’s surface. What is going on in the middle of the water column? What’s happening on the bottom? How many fish species do you think you can identify?  Want to learn about the critters swimming on the bottom? Want to experience the thrill of snorkeling the Shenandoah? Well, you’re in luck—this is the trip for you! Join us along with our good friends at the U.S. Forest Service as we put in at Hazard Mill on the South Fork of the Shenandoah River and paddle down to the Bentonville boat ramp. Along the way we’re going to stop a few times and check out some juicy snorkeling spots and actually do what so very few of us have actually done before—snorkel the Shenandoah River!

We are partnering with North Bay Adventure to help make for a fun and educational day on the river. The fee includes the use of the canoe/kayak and the snorkeling gear (goggles/snorkel; bring your own fins if you need/want them).

This is normally the time we’ll have low/clear conditions, so it should make for a great day of paddling and snorkeling! Be sure and pack a beach towel, don’t forget lunch, and enjoy a day on the beautiful Shenandoah River with your Shenandoah Riverkeeper and our friends at the U.S. Forest Service!

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