Teaching your children about the natural world can be fun! In this class, author and herbalist Angela Rahim will provide an introduction to herbalism, geared toward ages 4-7. This class will also include readings from Angela’s children’s book: Sam: The Junior Herbalist for storytime as we ease our way through herbal basics including how to incorporate herbs into your everyday life as part of your cooking and bathing routine. Our hope is to provide parents and kids with tools to build a powerful connection to them that provides deep nourishment for the whole family. Parent participation encouraged.

About the Speaker

Angela Rahim is a certified Master Herbalist and Aromatherapist.

She teaches the one year accredited (By the UK Complementary Medical Association) program the Foundations Of Herbalism for Ibn Sina Institute. She makes remedies and does consultations at Team Rahim Family Herbals. Angela also teaches about essential oils safety.

An avid gardener, horticulturist, blogger, and plant enthusiast, Angela teaches a series of courses ranging from Herbalism For Mental Health, Herbalism For Men, Herbalism For Fertility and more. She spends her time giving herbal talks at many places and various platforms such as Morehouse College, The Healthy Muslimah Summit, The Natural Birth Natural Body Conference and more.

She is the author of several books, her most recent: Sam: The Junior Herbalist.

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