Instructor and artist, Tim Phelps, invites you to take an exciting eco-trip “around” his world of nature mandalas. His 10-year project has resulted in over 700 nature images celebrating biodiversity and conservancy with a bit of fun (Tim created special mandalas for NHSM to celebrate Brood X Cicadas and Shark Fest).

Everyone will leave with a personal mandala created on a paper plate.
25 spaces available for in-person option.
$15 NHSM Member In Person
$25 Non-Member In Person
$10 Non-Member Virtual
$8 NHSM Member Virtual

The circular mandala form is the perfect representation and embodiment of structural balance, coincidentally, also found in all plants and animals. Mandalas are engaging, thought provoking, meditative, and joyful tools. Join Tim Phelps a professor and medical illustrator @ Johns Hopkins for
a workshop of mandala exploration and mandala making. Open to ages 7-99. Learn more about Tim’s mandala work here:

Timothy Phelps is a professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Professor Phelps serves as the assistant director of the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine. His area of expertise is medical illustration.

He has received more than 40 regional and national awards for his artwork published in textbooks, magazines and professional journals. He has been illustrating medicine and science for 30 years, and his work has appeared in more than 60 surgical textbooks and atlases, 300 book chapters and journals, and 20 magazines.

NHSM is making this experience available in-person with a virtual option as well. Those attending in person must adhere to NHSM COVID protocols: Proof of COVID vaccination is required to attend this course. A negative COVID test within 24 hours of the start of the course will also be accepted. Masks will also be required. Food an drink inside the facility is prohibited. NHSM retains the right to update or change these requirements at any time. Cancellations not accepted within a week of the course date. Cancellations made prior to a week in advance will incur a $5 processing charge.

Participants are asked to wear comfortable clothing, that may get messy. Please also bring in magazines or images that you want to use to create your mandala.