We are pleased to announce the opening of a show by Gunsu Saraçoğlu, an artist, author, curator, editor, and TV producer whose work is featured prominently in Europe and the Middle East. She paints and makes her digital art in her atelier/workshop in Istanbul, Turkey.
Lately Saraçoğlu has focused her work on depicting the unprecedented wild fires and natural disasters of Turkey and its impact on birdlife. The show “Rebirth of Water Birds”, which will be open from April 29, 2023 until May 21, 2023, features prints of original mixed media paintings. Original works will be available for shipping upon request.
This year’s “World Migratory Bird Day” campaign beginning on May 13th focuses on the topic of water and its importance for migratory birds. As part of this campaign, Saraçoğlu’s art show at Havre de Grace Maritime Museum and Environmental Center focuses on the topic of migratory birds by highlighting the importance of water for these species and identifying key actions for protecting water resources and aquatic ecosystems that support bird life.
For more information about the artist and her work: www.gunsusaracoglu.com