About the MAC Lab:

The Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory (MAC Lab) is a state-of-the-art archaeological research, conservation, and curation facility located at Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum, the State Museum of Archaeology, in southern Maryland. The MAC Lab serves as a clearinghouse for archaeological collections recovered from land-based and underwater projects conducted by State and Federal agencies throughout Maryland. The MAC Lab also houses a number of major collections acquired through private donations to the Maryland Historical Trust. All of these collections are available for research, education, and exhibit purposes to students, scholars, museum curators, and educators.

Field Trip information:

Archeology Club members will get a tour of the Lab (about 60-90 minutes). We will then tour the archeology will probably be about 30 minutes.

Accessibility Information: The Lab tour is all on one level, with the exception of a short flight of stairs when you enter the secure area. However, there is a lift in this section for anyone who may need it. There are also some chairs in most lab spaces if anyone needs to sit down temporarily. The archeological site is in an open field with some slightly uneven ground. There is a parking lot a couple of hundred feet away from the site.

If you would like participant in this event, you should meet the following criteria:

Adult (18+ years old)
NHSM Member who is enrolled in Archeology Club
Would this need to be canceled or have a rain date due to weather? The Lab tour will be rain or shine! However, weather may affect the archeological site tour.

NHSM Archeology Club: $15