You’re invited to visit Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church’s campus in Baltimore County for a FREE Open House. See how you can beautify your yard, solve local flooding issues on your property, and help reduce pollution to our local waterways!

Open to the general public. Activities include:

  • Tours of the Bay-Wise gardens on-site
  • Recycling in Baltimore County Q&A Session
  • Tour of Saint Demetrios’ “adopted” Stream
  • Children’s crafts and pollinator games

Don’t miss this opportunity to get connected with local organizations who are working towards a shared mission of fostering the environmental health of our community and being true stewards of the earth:

The Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church Bay-Wise Project is funded by a Chesapeake Bay Trust Outreach and Restoration Grant. A partnership between the Chesapeake Bay Trust and various state and county organizations, this grant program encourages outreach, community engagement activities, and on-the-ground restoration projects. The goal of this outreach is to increase knowledge and accelerate stewardship of natural resources and restoration of local green spaces, waterways, and natural resources.