From 8-meter mushrooms to zombie ants, we will explore the mysteries of the kingdom Fungi and their importance to us all.

Taught by mycologist, Serenella Linares, during this course, we will learn about the natural history of these fascinating creatures, their ecological roles, their ever changing taxonomy, how these organisms intersect with different environments, and how crucial fungi are in human lives. This program is a 2 part series, with a lecture portion via zoom followed by an in-person day of discovery and forest exploration to see and identify the organisms in their natural habitat.

  • INSTRUCTION – Saturday, October 15
  • FIELD STUDY – Sunday, October 16

NOTE: As of publishing, this course is designed to be taught in person at the Natural History Society of Maryland. NHSM will continue to monitor the ever-changing public health environment, and reserves the right to impose public safety measures including moving the course to online if deemed necessary.

Instructor’s Bio – Serenella Linares serves as Director of Adult Education at Audubon Naturalist Society (ANS) and Co-Chair of Naturally Latinos. Through the Naturalist Hour, Natural History Field Studies, and Master Naturalist programs, Serenella utilizes the virtual world as an introductory door into the fascinating aspects of nature and a catalyst for people to get inspired to learn more in person.

Prior to joining ANS, Ms. Linares worked as an assistant park naturalist with the Prince George’s County Department of Parks and Recreation from 2011-2016 at an urban nature center serving predominantly African-American and Hispanic communities. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in biology from Universidad Metropolitana de Puerto Rico, a Master’s degree in atmospheric science from Howard University, and graduate training in mycology from University of Maryland. When Ms. Linares is not teaching, she explores natural areas, photographs practices nature photography, and participates in citizen science projects.