Round one of oyster reef ball builds is on the books for ShoreRivers and the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) Maryland. Volunteers of all ages came out in July to spend the morning constructing concrete reef balls and then helped unveil them the next day. These reef balls provide essential habitat for oysters and other animals in our waterways. The reef balls will be placed in the Choptank River beneath the Bill Burton Fishing Pier.

If you missed the first build, don’t worry—there’s another one just around the corner. The next build will be August 7 and August 8 at Easton Point Marina (975 Port Street, Easton) from 9am-12 noon. Each build is a two-morning event. Volunteers are welcome to come for one or both days of the build, but we need lots of volunteers for the first morning. Morning one is spent constructing the reef ball mold and filling it with concrete while morning two is when the balls are unmolded and unveiled (about an hour needed).

Middle school students mix and pour concrete into the reef ball mold. Oysters attach themselves to the concrete and form oyster reefs that provide underwater habitat.
Photo credit: Coastal Conservation Association of Maryland

There is a job for all ages! If you’d like to contribute to this effort to improve oyster habitat, sign up to volunteer or get more information from ShoreRivers’ Community Engagement Coordinator Amy Narimatsu, at or call 410.810.7556 ext 253.