The NHSM had such a great time exploring Banneker Park last year finding fungi, snakes, insects, leps and frogs, we are going back this spring to look for more. All are welcome.

A BioBlitz is an intense period of biological surveying in an attempt to record all the living species within a designated area. While generating useful data for science and conservation they are also an excuse for naturalists, scientists, and curious members of the public to meet in person in the great outdoors and are a lot of fun!

NHSM Herp Club Members – $0
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NHSM Members $3
NHSM Non-Members $5

This important data will create a baseline from which future surveys can be measured and compared. There are 98 herps, 90 mammals, 450 bird and over 1,000 insects in Maryland. What animals live at Banneker? Are populations increasing, decreasing, changing? What other plants and aniomals live here? These are just some of the questions our data will help to answer. We will be utilizing the free app inaturalist to capture and synthesize the data we collect. There is a Banneker BioBlitz project set up. Please join the the project through your inaturalist account. inaturalist is a free community science app. You can also just take photos and share with NHSM to upload to the data collection system.

Here are the observations from previous years:…/banneker-bioblitz-herps…

Here is an orientation video:

This is a full outdoor experience. Dress for the weather. Bring shoes for mucking around and dry shoes to change into. Bring a camera or phone to capture the data in the form of photographs. Gloves to move rocks and trees are recommended. Sunscreen and extra water are essential. Families are welcome to bring kids. Children must be supervised at all times.

Check-in and a brief park history lesson will be given from 9:00-9:30 AM. The BioBlitz will start promptly at 9:30 AM.

Direct all questions to Sarah Kulis skulis(AT)