This year-long program will give you an immersive look into all aspects of beekeeping. From bee biology and behavior to equipment needs and management techniques, you’ll learn all the basics required to start keeping your own bees. Led by our resident beekeeper, Taylor Roman, we’ll meet each season for lectures and plenty of hands-on experience interacting with the hives here at Fox Haven. This series is meant for anyone who is new to beekeeping, or is interested in starting, and is looking for guidance from an experienced keeper to help them ensure healthy, happy bees and good honey harvests each year!Dates and class times are scheduled for April 3rd, June 5th, August 7th and October 1st from 10am-1pm.

Must sign up by March 5th to collect materials. Tickets selling fast!

Taylor Roman has been keeping bees for the past 7 years. He first started learning the craft while working at Colchester Farm CSA on the eastern shore. Since then, he has worked throughout Maryland as a farmer, gardener, master naturalist, and environmental educator, gaining diverse skills ranging from holistic orchard management to beekeeping. Taylor has been the resident beekeeper at Fox Haven for over 4 years now and will be sharing his unique perspective, trials, and sucess stories to help you along your beekeeping journey.