Science Bytes with the Horn Point Lab

Learn, Sip & Taste

The Horn Point Laboratory (HPL) invites you to join them for Science Bytes a witty, interactive event where one can learn, sip, and taste.  Join us Thursday, March 7 from 6 to 7:30 pm at Piazza Italian Market in Easton.

These gatherings are designed to share science relevant to our communities in a casual, fun setting.  Enjoy an enlightening evening with Dr. Patricia Glibert, a Horn Point faculty, and learn about her extensive global research on nutrient pollution and harmful algal blooms (HAB). Mike Roman, Lab Director, will interview Pat to explore her research and explain challenges and solutions around the issues of nutrient pollution and resulting harmful algal blooms.  Pat will share her research from the Chesapeake Bay, Florida, and sites around-the-world.  Questions are encouraged, and thought provoking conversation is sure to ensue.

Learn, sip and taste at Piazza Italian Market in Easton, MD. Savor wine, beer, and antipasto from Italy. Get to know the scientist behind the science important to our environment, and mingle with old friends and new acquaintances in this casual, local setting.

Tickets are $25/ person.  To register visit or contact Carin Starr at, 410-221-8408.