Come to the Climate Justice, Global and Local panel and discussion, featuring Susan Sterett, Naveeda Khan, Brennan A. Murray, and Lydia Stamato at one of Baltimore’s local cafe and bookstore, Red Emma’s. Join the panelists as they discuss hopes for a just transition and how citizens of Baltimore can participate in building out that better world we so badly need.

At the UN, people work out what a “just transition” to a better climate future would be. Sometimes climate futures can seem far from how we live now, but they’re already here, in Baltimore and beyond.

Climate justice in Baltimore now means better, fairer housing. It means closing down coal port, giving us better air and less asthma. It means composting our food waste, which leads to decreasing fuel for the incinerator, building our soils, and curbing food for pests.

The event is free and open to the public.  Food will also be provided!

For more information and registration, please go to the Red Emma’s website: