Turtles are universally recognized and celebrated species across different cultures while also holding important ecological roles. Unfortunately, many U.S. freshwater turtle and tortoise species are threatened with extinction. Wild turtles are under siege from habitat loss, road mortalities, and illegal collection. Learn about some of the turtles that call Maryland home and how we can work together to save them through awareness, education, and action.

Presented by Kerry Wixted: Amphibian & Reptile and Invasive Species Program Manager for the Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies. In this capacity, Kerry also serves as the state agencies coordinator for the Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (PARC). WILD TURTLE WEEK

NOTE: The event follows the festival portion of World Turtle Day. Registration is a separate fee from the festival which runs 10-3 – it is not included with World Turtle Day tickets.