Come “shellebrate” one of the most beloved animals on earth, turtles. These shelled creatures can be found in virtually all corners of the globe and have found their way into parables, mythology and all forms of popular media.

At World Turtle Day at the Natural History Society of Maryland, meet and interact with dozens of turtles live formerly live, even fossilized.  Feed and take “shellfies” with giant mountain tortoises, learn about the latest conservation efforts, put together a turtle skeleton, guess the gender of turtle eggs, follow the rise and fall and recovery of terrapin populations in the Chesapeake Bay, play turtle games, make turtle crafts, and more.

Those dressed as a turtle get a prize!


  • Natural History Society of Maryland
  • Maryland Department of Natural Resources
  • Mid-Atlantic Turtle and Tortoise Society
  • Towson University Map Turtle Project
  • Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation

At 3PM join “shellebrity” speaker, Kerry Wixted for Turtles in Troubles. Kerry is the Amphibian & Reptile and Invasive Species Program Manager for the Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies. With this role, she also serves as the state agencies coordinator for the Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (PARC).

World Turtle Day was created in 1990 as an annual observance to help people celebrate and protect these beloved creatures and their vanishing habitats around the world. There are 17 types of turtles that call Maryland home. Of those, 12 species are threatened by habitat loss and 9 are experiencing population decline. All four sea turtle species found in Maryland are protected by the ESA. NOTE: Wild Turtle Week, which is a social media campaign running that week,

Tickets start at $2 a person. Tickets must be purchased ahead of time at Timed entries help ensure a pleasant hands-on experience for visitors and safety for the animals.