“What do I make of all this texture? What does it mean about the kind of world in which I have been set down?” (Annie Dillard)

The natural world is full of textures. Think of the rough bark of a tree, the sponginess of moss, the bumpy skin of a toad. This year, NHSM challenges you to find and document in photographs as many textures as possible. One point will be awarded for each texture you document. Competition runs from June 22 to September 1. There is a rolling registration. Start anytime during the open period to compete.

Complete rules, a list of textures, and instructions for uploading your submissions will be emailed to you after registering.


You may compete on your own or in a team of up to five friends/family members. Prizes will be awarded in both categories (individual and team). If you have additional questions, contact the Hunt Commissioner, mfalk@marylandnature.org