Come out and join us for a day of activism and fun! Clean Up the Creek: Annapolis is a two-part event. For the first part we will be kayaking in Spa Creek and picking up trash and litter to properly dispose of. I know we love our local waterways here in Annapolis, so let’s take some time out of our day to lend a hand and make the world a little cleaner! This is a FREE paddle with kayaks being provided by the Sultana Education Foundation. If you don’t get the chance to go out on the water often, this is your chance! Paddle is capped at 20 people but if you don’t get a spot I still encourage you to go for a hike or paddle and spend a little time picking up a beautiful place around you.
Hey it’s no crime to feel good about yourself for a good deed! In fact I think it should be celebrated. That’s why the second part of this event is a fun-filled conservation event at the Annapolis Market House! From 3-8 pm we will feature local musicians and conservation organizations in a little eco-festival! Super talented Singer/Songwriters Daphne Eckman and Carly Winter will join the ever goofy Ryan Kozel to provide a musical soundtrack to our day. Several local non-profits will have informational booths set up and will each be given time between songs to talk about the amazing things they do for our community.
It will be an amazing day and I hope to see you out there! If you can’t get on the paddle then no worries, feel free to join us at the event afterwords!
For information OR to sign up for the morning paddle, please send an email to