We have been working hard all year to get a handle on our invasive jumping worm problem, which was brought to our attention last fall. Our volunteers have worked for months to clean infested plants, repot plants into clean soil and pots, as well as sanitize areas of our nursery and lay down barriers to protect clean plants.
We are now ready to welcome everyone back to the nursery!
Come out to Chesapeake Natives Nursery in Rosaryville State Park on Sunday October 9th from 10AM-2PM for an Open House Sale!
Our native plants are grown on site from locally gathered native seed. Chesapeake Natives volunteers will be available at the sale to help you find the right native plants for your space.
A list of our inventory will be made available closer to the sale date.
Please reach out to info@chesapeakenatives.org if you have any questions.
We are looking forward to seeing you all on October 9th!