Celebrate World Wildlife Day (December 4) by learning more about one of the world’s most endearing, longest lived, and most threatened species. Maryland is home to 17 types of turtles. Of those, 12 species are threatened by habitat loss, and 9 are experiencing population decline. All four sea turtle species found in Maryland are protected by the Endangered Species Act. In this presentation, you’ll learn how to tell turtles apart, and you’ll learn about dangers that turtles face, about native species and habitats, and about common non-natives in the state. Of course, no presentation on turtles would be complete without live turtles.

Katrina Smith, author of the book Red-Eared Sliders (Animal Planet Pet Care Library), received a BS in biology from Eastern New Mexico University. She has been the adoptions coordinator for the Mid-Atlantic Turtle and Tortoise Society (MATTS) in Maryland for 24 years, where she has been involved in the care and adoption of over 2000 turtles.”