This month we are raffling a genuine fossil Megalodon Tooth from Calvert Beach on the Chesapeake Bay valued at $500! And as usual, you also receive a free lifetime membership to the Natural History Society of Maryland.


Every fossil collection needs a killer Megalodon tooth (pun intended). Maybe you know this shark tooth from its previous designation as Carcharodon or Carcharocles. This 4″ Anterior Upper Jaw Megalodon Shark tooth from Calvert Beach in Calvert Co. Maryland represents the transition from Otodus chubutensis (one side has a serrated cusp) to Otodus megalodon (no cusp but full serrations) on the other side. This is a great example of a tooth from a Megatooth shark that was probably 40 to 45 feet long and was the Apex predator of its time, which was 10-15 million years ago during the Miocene epoch. At just over 4 inches on the longest slant, this tooth is at the large end of the spectrum for a Maryland Megalodon. The enamel, serrations, bourlette, and root of this tooth are in excellent condition and have a distinctive Maryland blue-green coloration.


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