Surviving all major mass extinctions, they have been on earth for 450 million years. They also call Maryland waters home – including the largest shark to have ever lived, the Megalodon.

Shark Fest is an annual educational event that celebrates one of the most evolutionarily successful species to ever live. Visitors will learn through hands-on activities, presentations and exhibits that cover shark evolution, morphology, anatomy, natural history and ecology. There are activities designed for all ages, including opportunities to make a shark toothed necklace ($), play shark-themed games, trace the evolution of sharks through their teeth, learn what shark skin looks and feels like, talk with shark scientists and paleontologists. In the kids zone, dig for real shark teeth you can take home. Shark Fest is where fear and misinformation is replaced with fascination and facts.

Please read about all the presentations and activities presented throughout the festival on our event page,

There are too many to list here but we guarantee you’ll be amazed!



  • NHSM Member Family: $25
    Up to 5 people in a group.
  • Non-Member Family Groups: $35
    Groups up to 5 individuals
  • Member Individual : $7
  • Non-Member Individual: $14
  • Child aged 5 and up: $5
    Children who may be accompanying individual adults
  • Blue Star Family : $15
    Blue Star Museums is a collaboration among the National Endowment for the Arts, Blue Star Families, the Department of Defense, and museums across America to offer special admission rates to the nation’s active duty military personnel including National Guard and Reserve and their families each summer. The military ID holder and up to five family members. The military ID holder can be either active duty service member or other dependent family member with the appropriate ID card. The active duty member does not have to be present for family members to use the program. Just bring your DD Form 1173 ID Card, or DD Form 1173-1 ID Card, for active duty military family members.
  • Museums for All Member Family : $15
    Museums for All is a way to broaden a museum’s visitor base, and reach out to underserved communities. A museum visit can inspire the development of new skills and interests, and ignite creativity and enrich social connections. Museums for All will help expand access to museums and also raise public awareness about how museums in the U.S. are reaching their entire communities. By addressing financial and logistical barriers to visitation, Museums for All also aspires to be an effective strategy for mitigating the social and academic barriers individuals face when they are not exposed to high quality museum experiences.

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